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Shabu Shabu House by SushiStop Swishing Into Sawtelle

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[3-D Rendering of Shabu Shabu House's Interior/SushiStop Facebook]

Burgeoning mini-sushi bar empire SushiStop might be trying to dominate Sawtelle more than any other chain, this time with Shabu Shabu House, a low-cost meat-swishing emporium with a rounded counter top for guests. This outpost doesn't seem to be affiliated with a restaurant of the same name in Little Tokyo, but according to SushiStop's Facebook page, will be "the best and lowest-priced shabu shabu in L.A." Given the quick-service stature of their sushi empire, it'll probably be another high-volume concept. The space sits adjacent to their sushi outlet just south of Olympic, nearby the newly-opened Daikokuya, which is already drawing lines out the door. Will Sawtelle have the most waits-out-the-door in the city?
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