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Andante Coffee Roasters Grinding Up Beverly Blvd in Sept

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[Photos: Matthew Kang]

Andante Coffee Roasters, another specialty coffee roaster, is hitting Mid-City in September at the former Buzz Coffee location on the corner of Stanley and Beverly. There's not much information available online except for a one Steve Hyun who bought the domain name in the past few months. Window signage indicates "hand crafted coffee with small batches," and "special artisan coffee shop," which tend to mean more of the hipsters, barista-focused variety that's all the rage about town. This stretch of Beverly could definitely use another quality shop, with only Shaky Alibi and King's Road serving up half-decent brews in the area, and places like Coffee Commissary, Single Origin, and Go Get Em Tiger not quite as accessible. [Eaterwire]

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