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Taco Maria's Chicano Cuisine Hits OC

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Status: Opened yesterday
Phone: 714-538-8444

Lo and behold, Taco Maria, the food truck turned modern Mexican brick and mortar (with help from Kickstarter) by former Commis pastry chef Carlos Salgado, debuted yesterday after one soft open week at The OC Mix Mart. Here's a sample of Salgado's "Chicano Cuisine" menu filled with the likes of inspired seasonal MexiCali plates like roasted green beans with peanut, pineapple and pork rinds; and duck, cocoa bean, chile, smoked dates, and toasted almonds served with fresh tortillas.

Salgado himself designed Taco Maria with help from architect/friend Robert Puertas, and the chef attributes his cooking philosophy to restaurant assembly: "Construction is like cooking — start with great ingredients and treat them with care." The eatery's interior dining counter and tables are defined by 700 pounds of American black walnut with custom raw steel accents. There's also tile made in SoCal and a vintage oak dining patio with tables made by Salgado's family. So far so good over on The Yelp.
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[Photo:Anne Watson Photography]

Taco Maria

3313 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626