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Wendell, a Comfortable Neighborhood Bar Downtown

Thomas Elliot, who goes simply by "T," describes his forthcoming nighttime haunt, Wendell, as a "jukebox-driven bar," named after a longtime friend and industry player who passed away, Wendell Green (SkyBar, Purple Lounge, Sunset Marquis). T and partners Stan O'Connell and James Campbell have overhauled the former Craby Joe's dive with creative direction from Raveled Studio. If they pass inspections, Wendell should soft open in about two weeks.

The team is going for a classic neighborhood drinkery that feels comfortable and worn in, with dark wood and the original floor from Craby Joe's days. Inexpensive canned beers (no bottles) like Schlitz will be on offer, in addition to 14 brews on tap and the standard roster of libations. While Wendell might have a speciality cocktail list, that will not be the bar's focus.

No food here, but hungry patrons are urged to hit up nearby Garage Pizza and bring slices over to enjoy with a beer or vodka soda. Wood finishes are just going in now and once open Wendell will serve from around 4 or 5 p.m. until 2 a.m.
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656 S Main Street, Los Angeles, 90014