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Copenhagen Pastry Headed to Pasadena in Seven Months

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Photo: Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City.
Photo: Copenhagen Pastry in Culver City.

It's not easy to score a perfect five stars on Yelp, but Copenhagen Pastry, the year-old Danish bakery in Culver City, has done just that. And it's certain that owner Karen Hansen's sunny disposition has something to do with it. But her stellar, high quality Danish pastries stand on their own, like the kringle and spandauer, which she sells out of a bright and cheerful little shop with a steady list of regulars. So it's not surprising to hear that Hansen is ready to expand with a second bakery in Pasadena. Right now her new space is about seven months away from inception, and although slightly larger at around 2,500 square feet with higher ceilings, Hansen will serve the same list of baked goods as offered in Culver City.
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Copenhagen Pastry

3731 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91101