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LINK Restaurant, Drai Confirms Drai's on Sunset, More!

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LOS ANGELES — For the last 20 months partners Thomas Benedict and Henry Costa have developed a gourmet sausage concept called LINK. They spent the last five months searching for a location, and in that time have brought on an executive chef and finalized their brand's logo. So, LINK restaurant is headed to this here city once the team settles on a site. [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Victor Drai has admitted that BLT Steak is his, and he's looking to open Drai's 2.0 in November or December. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Chef Ari Taymor and farmer Courtney Guerra are planning to construct a 60,000 square foot rooftop garden above Alma on Broadway. [LAist]

LONG BEACH—When Kelly's of Naples, a fixture in Long Beach since 1958, shuttered, there was a possibility that the restaurant could reopen. Unfortunately, Kelly's remains vacant as investor Denny Lund, who also owns Tantalum in Marina Pacifica, surveys the potential options for the venue's next incarnation. [EaterWire] — MB