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The Menu at Roadside Eats; LA's Top 5 Faux Cronuts

HOLLYWOOD— Roadside Eats, the unfussy new eatery inspired by classic Southern roadside counters, is now open at the Arclight complex in Hollywood. Have a looksee at the menu, which was devised by partner Dave Northrup and City Tavern chef Jessica Christensen. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— More than a few faux-cronuts exist in this fair city, and the top five, according to the LAT, are from Frances Bakery, Rockenwagner, Semi Sweet Bakery, ConfeXion, and Forage. [LAT]

PASADENA— Free wifi, yay or nay? Mireya Jones of Jones Café in Pasadena isn't much of a fan. She tells CBS, "One day I walked in and there was this woman setting up her nail salon, and she actually had scheduled people coming in and doing their nails. I was just aghast." [CBS]

Rockenwagner Bakery

311 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401 310 394 4267 Visit Website

Roadside Eats

6374 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028