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Cafe Röckenwagner Hits Brentwood in Mid-November

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That new restaurant at The BW on S. Barrington from Hans Röckenwagner of Röckenwagner Bakery and 3 Square Café will, in fact, be named Cafe Röckenwagner, and above, a look inside the space devised by Montalba Architects. Spanning 1,500 square feet plus a patio, Cafe Röckenwagner will exist as a fusion of Röckenwagner Bakery and 3 Square Café, which means a bakery + restaurant serving a seasonal menu similar to that offered at 3 Square. Coffee comes via Stumptown, and Kayson Chong (corporate chef at 3 Square Cafe and Rockenwagner Bakery) will tame kitchen flames as executive chef. The menu is still tbd but look for a launch around November 15.
·3 Square Cafe Opening at Brentwood's The BW [~ELA~]

Cafe Röckenwagner

1168 S. Barrington Ave., Los Angeles, CA