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The Gang Jung's Chicken; Doni Burger Near Open

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Welcome to The K-Town Report, a regular feature that explores the action-packed Koreatown scene, where restaurants live and die by word of mouth. Here now, some of the latest openings and closures around town, with locations pinpointed by intersection.
[Photo: Matthew Kang]

Western & 6th— A new fried chicken joint called Gang Jung Chicken opened Thursday to a curious lunch crowd. This location is adjacent to School Food, the third floor eatery at the large Madang mall. The popular Korean snack is based on whole chicken pieces that are fried, then covered in a sweet, gingery sauce, then served piping hot, crispy, and sometimes even spicy. Will it be the new Kyochon? Time will tell. At the moment, this place is so fresh that it doesn't even have a Yelp page.


Western & 8th— The famous Pollos a la Brasa, the tiny Peruvian rotisserie chicken shack, is finally getting close to moving into its new digs, an unusually shaped building on the same triangular plot of land. No official word from staff, but the old building looks like it's about to fall apart any day now.


Western & 6th — A new burger chain called Doni Burger is launching right next to School Food and The Gang Jung. Known for large, Korean-style burgers (think bulgogi), fresh cut fries, and other house-made items. Prices in Seoul's Gangnam District can fetch up to 10,000 won, about $10, which isn't cheap. It could be a nice premium experience after the shutter of Kalbi Burger.


Vermont & 7th— Choon Chun Dak Galbi, the Jonathan Gold-lauded chicken barbecue joint, has changed names to Country BBQ. It's offering the same signature chicken dish, a super-spicy conconction spread over a large tabletop grill, but also a menu of all-you-can-eat beef barbecue. This is Koreatown, and they're just serving what customers want.
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Gang Jung Chicken

621 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005

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