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Donut Friend, a Flavorful Companion Opening Tomorrow

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Elizabeth Daniels 9/13

It's immediately evident, from the bottle of Sriracha on the counter, that Donut Friend isn't your average fried dough shop. And while this menu of donuts — which calls for ingredients like olive oil, basil, and Gruyère — can give you an idea of what to expect flavor-wise, owner Mark Trombino says that list isn't 100% accurate, though it's close. Last Saturday Trombino thew open doors for artwalk and gave away donuts, which resulted in a line out the door for three hours. And no, no cronuts were involved.

The good news for those who missed last weekend is that Trombino is soft opening tomorrow through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., then going whole hog on September 24 with later hours likely, too. And remember, there's always the option to DIY and create your own donut (also gluten-free and vegan), selecting from a base donut, then adding a filling, glaze, and toppings. It's basically like Build-A-Bear but for donuts.
·Donut Friend, a New Gourmet Donut Shop in HP [~ELA~]

Donut Friend

5107 York Blvd‎ Los Angeles, CA 90042