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Hakkasan Strides into Beverly Hills Today

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Status: Opens today
Phone: 310-888-8661

It's been a hot minute since word first broke that glitzy Cantonese chain Hakkasan was headed to town. And now, years in the making, LA lands its very own branch shortly after Las Vegas. But with Chi-Lin, another new upscale Chinese place not too far away in West Hollywood, which will prove more popular?

Let's take a first look at Hakkasan's fine Chinese fusion offerings. A long roster of specialty cocktails by Armando Conway (La Descarga) can kick off a meal, note the Smoky Negroni as a house favorite. During lunch Hakkasan does contemporary dim sum with twists on classic plates like morel crystal dumplings, scallop shumai, and a truffle beancurd roll. Some lunch dishes are served as appetizers during dinner, but there also are larger format items meant to be shared for the table. Because hey, like Genghis Cohen, this is still a Chinese restaurant. Though a fancypants one with black truffle roasted duck and Wagyu beef at that.
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233 N Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310-888-8661


233 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210