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Umami's Slash Burger; Q Sushi Update

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DOWNTOWN— The burger exclusive to Umami #20 is called the "Arts District Manly Burger," made from a bacon-beef patty topped with beer cheddar fondue, braised pork belly and baconnaise on a bacon fat bun. It's not vegetarian. And in other Umami news, just like that Mayer Hawthorne collab, Umami has next teamed up with Slash from Guns N' Roses to release The Slash Burger: a beef patty with braised shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, American cheese, avocado spread, wasabi aioli and a Parmesan crisp. It's rolling out at all locations on September 26. [ELA]

DOWNTOWN— The forthcoming Q sushi is looking to bring on employees, and although a Craigslist ad states that the omakase place is looking to open at the end of this month, reps for the restaurant say the debut has been delayed to early/mid-October. [EaterWire]

Umami Burger

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Umami Burger

738 E 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90013