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The Houston Brothers Airing Dirty Laundry in Hollywood

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Just a stone's throw from No Vacancy comes another Houston Brothers enterprise, Dirty Laundry, a downstairs drinkery situated within this historic Hollywood property. As per usually, Jonnie and Mark Houston known how to organize a bar, and for Dirty Laundry they've tapped one of the city's top barmen (or "libation therapist"), Devon Espinosa, who is credited with drink programs at The Tasting Kitchen and ink. Per Facebook, other involved tenders of bar are David Purcell, Mark Daoust and littlefork's Dino Balocchi. Check out Dirty Laundry's Instagram for a couple snippets of the space, which should be opening soon. [EaterWire]

Update: Devon Espinosa is no longer involved with this project.

Dirty Laundry

6531 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028