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The Malibu Pier to Welcome Lark Creek Restaurant Group

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Though restaurant reps refused to affirm that Bay Area's Lark Creek Restaurant Group was headed to The Malibu Pier, here now direct confirmation via Craigslist. Per a GM job call,

San Francisco based Lark Creek Restaurant Group will be opening the newly renovated restaurant and bar on the iconic Malibu Pier. This is a unique opportunity to be central to the creation of a multifaceted hospitality business. The operation will include a fine-dining, sit-down restaurant venue, a separate bar and quick service area, access to the Pier itself for on-site banquet events and the surrounding community for off-site catered events.
It's unclear whether the Lark Creek restaurant brand itself will land in Malibu, but the job call does ask for individuals "who can create and drive a successful multi-outlet, multifaceted business." In any event, partners Michael Dellar, Leslye Dellar, chef Bradley Ogden and Jody Ogden are now in control of those two buildings at the Pier's entrance, with a fine dining restaurant, and a bar plus to-go operation en route.
·Lark Creek Rest Group Supposedly Coming to Malibu Pier [~ELA~]

Lark Creek Restaurant Group

23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

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