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Han Chiang Bringing the Heat to LA Sooner Than Later

Philly's praised Sichuan export Han Dynasty, or Handy Nasty, soft opened in New York just a week ago, but proprietor Han Chiang already has sights set on expanding his Chinese chainlet to the far reaches of Los Angeles.

Chiang says that he's going back to China in about a month and upon his return will begin to actively scout LA for spaces. He's in talks with The Beverly Hilton Hotel about possibly setting up shop there, a concept he describes as more high-end with a famous chef. But, if that deal falls through, he's considering the east side, around Silver Lake. Which would certainly be more convenient than hitting Chengdu Taste in Alhambra.

In other news, Chiang is "working on a line of weed-based sauces" like Weed Chili Oil. Because why not. So, naturally, Cali is the perfect fit.
·Philly's Han Dynasty Plans to Conquer Los Angeles [~ELA~]

[Outside Han Dynasty, NYC. Photo: Eater NY]

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