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Inside Crossings; Ube Donuts at DK's in Santa Monica

SOUTH PASADENA— Proprietor Patrick Kirchen (Nick + Stef's) is finally ready to share a look inside Crossings, his new South Pasadena Cali-American restaurant cheffed by Lalo Sanchez (Parkway Grill). Crossings moved into Mission Street's Edwards & Faw building last month serving this menu. [ELA]

BEVERLY HILLS— Chef James Trees (FIG) is popping up at Scratch Bar on January 5. His seven course dinner costs $70 and includes an ocean trout ode to Eric Ripert; pork belly with kabocha squash, black garlic marshmallow, and cocoa; and a goat cheese cake with basil and carrot. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA— Ube (purple yam) is quite the popular flavor lately, and DK's Donuts on Santa Monica Boulevard (they made that cronut knock off thing called the Double Decker O-Nut) is using a purple yam mix from The Buttermilk Truck to make their new Glazed Ube Crumb Cake Donut, which is selling for $1.50 a pop. [EaterWire]

Scratch | bar

111 N La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 90211


1010 Mission St South Pasadena, CA 91030