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All-Star Chef Classic Welcomes Silverton, Crenn, Qui, Aizpitarte, and MORE!

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Rendering of Restaurant Stadium at L.A. Live.
Rendering of Restaurant Stadium at L.A. Live.
Photo: All-Star Chef Classic

A star-studded new chef series has been announced for March 21-23, taking place at L.A. Live. The first-ever All-Star Chef Classic is bringing to town over 25 "highly acclaimed chefs from around the country and across the world," says a release, such as local talent Roy Choi, Michael Cimarusti, Josiah Citrin, Ludo Lefebvre, Nancy Silverton, out of towners Dominique Crenn, Naomi Pomeroy, Paul Qui, and French chefs Iñaki Aizpitarte, Marc Meneau, and Alain Passard, among others.

Over the course of three days, some events will take place in "Restaurant Stadium," which will "be the center of the action bringing over 250 fans 'kitchen-side' in a small VIP stadium setting." Meanwhile, other events will go down at the "Chefs' Tasting Arena" on L.A. LIVE's Event Deck, a space that "will feature a more expansive layout for tastings, showcases and celebrations." Tickets go on pre-sale for American Express members today and for the general public on January 25.


· French Masters Dinner / Friday March 21st, 2014 / 7PM
Location: Restaurant Stadium at L.A. LIVE's Event Deck
Prices: Diamond (VIP) - $300 / Gold - $250
The "French Masters Dinner" is a celebration of French culinary excellence through the generations, hosted by Los Angeles' own Ludo Lefebvre. Chef Ludo will welcome two of the world's greatest chefs (and his mentors), Alain Passard and Marc Meneau, into Restaurant Stadium along with Paris "it" chef, Iñaki Aizpitarte, for a never-before-seen collaboration of international culinary talent. The chefs will be joined by special guests, where they will prepare a five course exquisite dinner for a select group of seated guests, along with an elegant pairing of French wine, all while interacting with each other and the crowd.

· All-Star Lunch / Saturday March 22nd, 2014 / 12PM-2:30PM
Location: Restaurant Stadium at L.A. LIVE's Event Deck
Prices: Diamond (VIP) - $125 / Gold - $100
The "All-Star Lunch" will celebrate the amazing women in the culinary industry with an exquisite five course lunch. Chefs Nancy Silverton, Nancy Oakes, Waylynn Lucas, Dominique Crenn and Naomi Pomeroy will collaborate for the all-woman event in Restaurant Stadium as they cook, plate, present and discuss their dishes and techniques with the crowd.

· Grill and Chill / Saturday March 22nd, 2014 / 7:30PM-10PM
Location: Chefs' Tasting Arena / Restaurant Stadium at L.A. LIVE's Event Deck
Prices: Diamond (VIP) - $150 / Gold - $100
"Grill and Chill" will be a nighttime celebration of the many ways different cultures embrace the experience of cooking over an open flame in the Chefs' Tasting Arena. The 650 person international cookout will feature diverse chefs including Roy Choi, Michael Cimarusti, Gabrielle Hamilton, Gavin Kaysen, Ludo Lefebvre, Donald Link, Naomi Pomeroy, Paul Qui, Jon Shook and Ricardo Zarate. During the evening, chefs will showcase their techniques in the Restaurant Stadium. The event will also host cookbook signings, recipe ideas and VIP lounge areas for guests to relax and enjoy.

· Savor the Season Presented by Melissa's Produce / Sunday March 23rd, 2014 / 12PM-2:30PM
Location: Chefs' Tasting Arena / Restaurant Stadium at L.A. LIVE's Event Deck
Prices: Diamond Adult (VIP) - $85 / Gold Adult - $65 / Diamond Kid (VIP) - $35 / Gold Kid - $25
"Savor the Season Presented by Melissa's Produce" will wrap up the weekend with a Farmer's Market celebration of what LA has in abundance – seasonal, fresh, local ingredients cooked up and elevated to great heights by All-Star chefs including Wylie Dufresne, Graham Elliot, Nancy Silverton, Jennifer Jasinski, David Myers, Vinny Dotolo, David LeFevre, Josiah Citrin, Alex Seidel and Waylynn Lucas. The chefs will create seasonal dishes using produce from a local purveyor/farmer providing the 600 guests with a variety of tastes as well as recipe cards to prepare the dish at home. "Savor The Season" will also feature a kid's zone with fun culinary activities including a mini-fonut baking lesson for 60 children by Waylynn Lucas.

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