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Shin Ya! Now Noodling Hollywood in Old Ikemen Space

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It didn't take long for the old Ikemen space, an awkward if almost ideal place for a jazzy dip ramen joint in Hollywood, to get replaced by Shin Ya!. Essentially the same as Ikemen, but with a new name and a major overhaul of the interior, the place was up and running again after a few weeks off the clock. Early Yelpage has been mixed, giving positive marks to the gyoza and ghost ramen.

Sadly, the heavy jazz tunes and noirish vibe isn't quite the same as Ikemen's, so hopefully management will get that right. But, overall the quality of the food is basically the same. For rameniacs in Hollywood, this is good news. [ELA]

Shin Ya!

1655 N La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

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