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A Pizza Bakery Called DeSano is Opening in E. Hollywood

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Inside DeSano Pizza Bakery, Nashville, TN.
Inside DeSano Pizza Bakery, Nashville, TN.

Nashville-born Neapolitan pizza parlor DeSano Pizza Bakery is headed to Los Angeles with four 10,000-pound pizza ovens, 7,000 square feet, and two pros at its helm. Marino Monferrato, former GM at Cecconi's, is behind this expansion, along with pizzaiolo Massimiliano Di Lascio. At 900°, they'll be firing traditional Neapolitan pizzas made with ingredients imported from Campania, topping pies from margherita to the San Gennaro with sausage, peppadew, garlic, buffalo mozzarella, and caramelized onions. Pizzas, priced between $12 and $22, come personal-sized or in larger versions for sharing, and patrons will also have the option to order calzones, antipasti, and panuozzo, those Italian sandwiches which first hit LA thanks to Anthony Carron over at 800 Degrees. To drink, craft soda, wine and beer. [EaterWire]

DeSano Pizza Bakery

4959 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles 90029