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LA's Second to Last Hamburger Hamlet Has Shuttered

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Last night at 10 p.m., Los Angeles' second to last Hamburger Hamlet shuttered in Pasadena after over four decades, leaving its shell to Du-par's Restaurant & Bakery, another historic chain, which moves in today and reopens tomorrow. California's final Hamburger Hamlet remains in Sherman Oaks at 4419 Van Nuys Blvd.

The once staple SoCal comfort food restaurant, which first launched on the Sunset Strip in 1950 and gained a reputation for its celebrity clientele, has steadily declined, shuttering location after location. That original Sunset Strip HamHam signed out in late 2011 to make room for RivaBella and Chi-Lin, and just recently the newer Hamburger Hamlet XP departed Larchmont.

LAmag says that HamHam's Pasadena staff will stay on to work at Du-par's and, despite the quick turnaround, its old school aesthetic will not be saved.
·Vintage Los Angeles: The Tragedy of Hamburger Hamlet [LAmag]

Hamburger Hamlet

214 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101