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Michaela Graham's Underground Market is Planned for LA

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A vendor at Atlanta Underground Market.
A vendor at Atlanta Underground Market.

Michaela Graham, founder of Atlanta and Seattle's Underground Market, is looking to launch a Los Angeles Underground Market in the coming months. What does that mean? Well, the Atlanta Underground Market began as a monthly pop-up of home cooks and budding artisan vendors selling unique eats out of a location announced one day in advance via email. Graham tried to turn AUM into a weekly food market called The Nosh (sort of along the lines of Smorgasburg in Williamsburg), but it turned out to be a shitshow, failed, and Graham fled to Seattle where she attempted to do the same. And it also failed. And now she's looking to try her Underground Market concept here in Los Angeles and is presently looking for up and coming food vendors. So, if you have things to sell, like chocolate covered cactus petals or jellyfish salad, give her a call: 404-573-7154. [EaterWire]