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Bar Jackalope, Cedd Moses' New Downtown Bar in Bar

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Hit-maker Cedd Moses of 213 Nightlife (Honeycut, The Varnish) is at it again with Bar Jackalope, a new evening place now soft open, inspired by intimate whiskey bars found in Japan. Although it's located within a repurposed room at Moses' Seven Grand, another whiskey-focused venture, Bar Jackalope has its own entrance, though the door to enter lacks a handle. Instead, imbibers will notice a light switch button which calls for service in English and Japanese.

There's a few ways to drink here. 1) Cocktails, of which there are only three. Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, mixed with one's choice of bourbon and vermouth, plus the bar's specialty, the Highball, made with Japanese whiskey. 2) Drink 20ml or 60ml pours of over 120 American bourbons, ryes, Scotch, and Japanese whiskey. Pappy Van Winkle included. 3) Go for a booze cabinet, which basically means that you can buy a bottle starting at $250 and store it at the bar. Added perks of stowing your stash include priority seating (during busy times) and early reservations to snag a seat in advance. Which could come in handy considering there's only space for 18 here and in order to swing by you must have a reserved seat. In lieu of calling in advance, one can drop by, leave a name with the host, and he/she will text when space becomes available. Hours of operation run Sunday to Thursday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. [EaterWire]

Bar Jackalope

515 W 7th St #2, Los Angeles, CA 90014