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Budacki's Brings Chicago Dogs to Exposition Park

The 52-year old Budacki's hot dog stand in Chicago was made famous by a massive fumble (and the ensuing fumble recovery) during Bourdain's Layover shoot. Jin Ra, a long time restaurateur, is hoping to avoid that drama with his new Los Angeles offshoot of the neighborhood drive-in. Budacki's LA soft opened January 19 in place of Pizza Rustica on Figueroa near Exposition Boulevard. For ex-Chicagoans and Northwestern grads, be assured Budacki's features Vienna dogs, polish, and beef, so a drive to USC country will be condoned. Gyros are made with Kronos doner "kones" and a grand opening will take place in late February. Next up for the team is location scouting for the second branch of their Korean fried wing concept CRISP. [EaterWire]


3782 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90007