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East Borough, Vietnamese-French to Culver City January 21

[Photos: Instagram/East Borough]

Today marks the first day of training at East Borough, the stylish Vietnamese-French eatery that originated in Costa Mesa and is expanding to Culver City with help from serial westside restaurateur Paul Hibler (Pitfire Pizza, Superba) and chef/partner Jason Neroni (Superba). As of January 21, creators John Cao and chef Chloe Tran will count a second restaurant under their belts, and right now East Borough is gearing up for friends and fam service, which is slated for January 19 and 20. Above, some screen grabs from a video posted today to East Borough's Instagram that display the restaurant's design.

While the Costa Mesa menu is chock full of banh mi, spring rolls, and grilled proteins over vermicelli, Culver City will offer similar dishes, in addition to more polished plates like the Head On Blue Shrimp with pomelo and crab paste butter, and Phocatini with oxtail, which the chefs previewed in a pop-up last month.
·Paul Hibler Bringing OC's East Borough to Culver City [~ELA~]

East Borough

9810 W Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232