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Fraiche SaMo Downgrades to Fast Casual Stacked Chainlet

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Photo by Kat Odell
Photo by Kat Odell

Just when it seemed like the old Fraiche in Santa Monica would never see better days, the space — which was momentarily linked to a highly suspect Chinese operation — has been acquired by the Stacked: Food Well Built chainlet, per design review window signage.

Stacked is that totally customizable (yikes!) fast casual outfit born in Torrance two and a half years ago where patrons order off tableside iPads. The menu is fast foody American through and through, composed of pizza, salads, burgers and such. SoCal inhabitants have taken to the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure dining theme well enough that Stacked has bumped up its locations to a grand total of three, plus this here eatery marks four. [EaterWire]


312 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90401