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Tomato Pie Pizza Joint Slinging Pizzas Soon in South Pasadena

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Tomato Pie Pizza Joint, a New York Style pizzeria, is opening its third location in Pasadena, where one can find Grandma (Margherita) Pizza among other East Coast favorites.

Popular Tomato Pie Pizza Joint, a New York inspired pizza spot, with locations on Melrose Ave. and Silver Lake, will debut a new location in South Pasadena this month. It will take the place of Livin'art, a furniture store on Mission Street.

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint's concept is creating a "good, satisfying, hot and melty, crisp and chewy New York style slice of pizza in Los Angeles." GQ's Alan Richman even lauded the place as one of the ten best pizzas in America. The neighborhood pizzeria also carries pasta, subs and salads but is typically known for their Grandma Pizza, which is similar to a Margherita-style pizza with a thin crust. Another East Coast favorite is the Tomato Pie, a square pan baked pizza covered in sauce with no mozzarella, but dusted with grated Pecorino Romano.

The pizzeria in Pasadena will carry on the diverse and casual mix of design and music, but they are hopeful to serve alcohol at this new location. The menu can be found here. According to Craig's List they are now hiring, so look out for Tomato Pie Pizza Joint very soon.

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
1130 Mission Street
South Pasadena, CA 91030