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NiBi Pho Bistro Now Serving Inside Westfield Century City Food Court

The rather unremarkable Commerce pho restaurant has pawned another location inside the swanky food court.

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NiBi Pho Bistro
NiBi Pho Bistro
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It's not every day when a concept from humble Commerce steps up the plate for a new location inside Westfield Century City's bustling food court, but NiBi Pho Bistro is trying to defy the odds, reports Toddrickallen. The stall lived its former life as Kichi Grill before it closed in May. Yelp reviews for the Commerce original are pretty horrid, averaging a 2.5 rating while offering bland broth and pricey banh mi, but here's to hoping that this Westside outlet will fare better, especially with a slick stall.