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The Design Side of LA's Coffee Culture

Local product design firm notNeutral redesigned the coffee mug for Intelligentsia, and has since redefined L.A.'s entire coffee aesthetic.


Today Food Republic files on the design side of Los Angeles' third-wave coffee movement. Beyond the aesthetically-pleasing latte art and simple blond wood accents that make up many of today's most popular coffee shops, product design firm notNeutral works to make sure your cups are as functional as they are fashionable.

Their popular Lino line of latte mugs got their start in L.A. thanks to (who else?) Intelligentsia, which was opening in Venice and wanted to reimagine the entire user experience. After a ton of R&D, they landed on the slightly sloped mug with the handle that sits flush on top, which has since become ubiquitous to most shops across the city, if not America.

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