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RA Now Serving Sushi But Not Liquor in Marina Del Rey

A new westside outlet of RA is now open for shoppers desperate for fusion cuisine.


For anyone interested in mediocre sushi in an environment where "Anything Can Happen," Toddrickallen reports that RA Sushi is now open in Marina Del Rey. The national chain's Marina Marketplace location will treat shoppers to its many "innovative" Japanese fusion dishes and signature rolls. For those who need anything with alcohol to wash down RA's offerings, you may want to hold off, as the outlet is still waiting for its liquor license to come through.

Hours of Operation: Sunday - Thursday 11 am - 12 am, and Friday-Saturday 11 am - 1 am.

RA Sushi
13455 Maxelle Ave, Suite 270
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292