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Hollywood's The Cat & Fiddle Officially Turns off the Patio Lights on December 15

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The legendary Hollywood watering hole closes its doors on December 15 following a lease dispute.

The Cat & Fiddle

Big news out of Hollywood over the weekend. The Cat & Fiddle on Sunset, that 32-year old patio courtyard restaurant/bar known for their big holiday parties and long-relaxed smoking policy, is shutting down December 15.

News began to trickle in slowly on Saturday night, but a call to the shuttering afternoon drinking spot confirms that they'll be locking the doors come mid-December.  The landlord has apparently found a tenant for the popular location that's willing to pay twice the current lease amount. Not surprising, given the area's growth and all of that beautiful outdoor space, fountain included.

Obviously, Cat & Fiddle's always rockin' New Year's Eve party isn't happening, as ownership will still be searching out a new location to inhabit, but Halloween is still on as planned, and December 15 is set to serve as a de facto going-away bash for employees, ownership and longtime regulars. Who said gentrification was a good thing?

The Cat & Fiddle
6530 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 9002

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