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Star King BBQ Turns Down the Grills for the Last Time in Koreatown

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The high end Korean barbecue joint touting high quality Piedmontese beef has closed as of last week.

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Star King BBQ
Star King BBQ

The competition for the hearts of Korean barbecue fans in Koreatown is fierce, and that often means semi-popular places won't make the cut. Consider Star King BBQ, a decent high end grill spot that featured Piedmontese beef, which grilled its last steak this past week on the corner of Western and Wilshire.

Though the slightly tucked away location didn't help the cause, the large multi-room dining areas just never seemed very filled despite a lot of blogger attention and marketing. What's going into that large space next? Should it be another barbecue place? Maybe one with cheaper all-you-can-eat? Give your input in the comments below.

Star King BBQ

3807 Wilshire Blvd, #120, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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