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The Money Plot Thickens Over Hollywood's Impending Cat & Fiddle Closure

More on the money behind the decision to close Hollywood's The Cat & Fiddle.

The Cat & Fiddle

Following Eater's early morning discovery that iconic Hollywood drink spot The Cat & Fiddle was closing its doors on December 15, The LA Times did a little more digging, particularly on the money trail that led to the bar being pushed off a cliff.

Like most any restaurant sob story, it's all about the money. Or, more specifically, the lease, which can sink even the most popular establishments, particularly when it comes time to renew. As Jenn Harris reports, Atlanta-based Branch Properties owns the ground under Cat & Fiddle's feet, and (according to the bar's owners) refused to negotiate a new contract in good faith, paving the way, ominously, for "a chain to move into this gorgeous building."

For their part, evil villains Branch Properties notes that Cat & Fiddle was paying rent that was seriously below the going rate. Yet despite apparent attempts to reconcile the money difference and make meaningful upgrades to the location, out-of-towners opted to slough off 32 years of Hollywood history in favor of... what?

If you've got any more details, be sure to hit the tip line.

The Cat & Fiddle

6530 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 468-3800 Visit Website

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