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Drinking Through the Signature Cocktail Menu at Hollywood's New Dave & Buster's

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In accordance with Cocktail Week 2014, we decided to drink our way through most of the cocktail menu at Hollywood’s new Dave & Buster’s. Enjoy.

Dave & Buster's

One could be forgiven for not realizing that Dave & Buster’s actually landed right in the heart of Hollywood several weeks back. The popular adult arcade/bar/sports watching venue/home of pretzel hotdogs has flown a bit under the radar, despite occupying tens of thousands of square feet right inside the Hollywood and Highland complex, and throwing an opening night party that was DJ’d by Brody Jenner.

So not only is Dave & Buster’s alive and kicking in the heart of tourist-town, it’s got a full menu of signature and classic cocktails that are ripe for the drinkin’. Here now, everything from the D&B TNTea™ and the Angry Balls™ to the signature snowcone, all available at your local Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood.

It’s important to note that all ™ and ® symbols are courtesy of the restaurant party zone itself, and in no way is meant to be an endorsement of or thankfulness for said ™’d and ®’d brands.

Backwoods Blueberry Lemonade: You know what’s better than a cocktail? A cocktail with a sidecar of pure firewater! That’s the thought behind this Backwoods Blueberry Lemonade, which blends ABSOLUT® Berri Acai vodka, lemonade and Reàl® Blueberry puree, and comes saddled with a little red Solo® cup of Firefly Moonshine Strawberry

Cherry Berry Mojito: Slapped with the ‘FAVES’ banner like it’s your least-hated stepchild, this Cruzan® Black Cherry rum is finished with such elegant ingredients as "mojito mix" and Strawberry BACARDI® Premium Mixer.

Fiery Peach Margarita: For the fruity drink lover who craves adult beverages that are served on a paddle. This "perfect and peachy" marg is made with Hornitos® Reposado 100% Blue Agave tequila, plus Countreau® and a peach puree. The fire, apparently, comes from the totally twizzted Twizzler® that comes dunked into the glass.

Million Dollar Margarita: Don’t run away! This drink doesn’t really cost one million dollars! Haha it’s marketing! But seriously, this ‘flagship’ margarita is a blend of Hornitos® Reposado 100% Blue Agave tequila, plus Tuaca® an Grand Marnier®. And it won’t even set you back that many game tokens or whatever.

Original Snowcone: Holy sh*t will this drink make you wish you were a ten year old alcoholic. We’re talking a no-brainer mix of DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker® (two ®’s means it’s ultra exxxclusive), Malibu® Coconut rum, Pinnacle Cherry vodka (no ®???), MORE DeKuyper® in the form of blue curaçao and a hint of Sprite®®®®®®®®®®.

Strawberry Sangria: Ooh! Another ‘FAVES’! This one mixes booze and wine better than your weirdest aunt, with the latter coming from 14 Hands Vineyards. There’s also rum and brandy and, somehow, an entire other sangria (Monin® Red Sangria? The hell?!) inside this sangria. That’s how you know both Dave and Buster are serious as all get out.

D&B TNTea®: At last, a drink so important that it deserves its own ®! This exclusive to Dave and Buster’s boozebucket somehow improves on the timeless Long Island iced tea with a towering mix of ABSOLUT® vodka, Tanqueray® gin, BACARDI® Superior rum, Grand Marnier® and a finish of Coca-Cola®. And hold onto your butts, because you get to keep the goddamn glass.

Angry Balls™: Anyone who can tell you the difference between that ® symbol and the ™ symbol is a goddamn liar. Case in point, this heavily-™’d and ®'d concoction of Fireball® Cinnamon Whisky and Angry Orchard™ Crisp Apple Cider. This thing tastes like the kind of apple pie that you’d bring to a bar fight.

There are other drinks of course — many, many others — but they’re all plays on the above themes. Different types of snowcones, more premier-ier margaritas, and Coronitas™, where dinky lil’ Corona Extras get turned upside down in a plastic glass full of tequila, which you inexplicably drink through a plastic straw ringed by pickles.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Dave & Buster’s!

Dave & Buster's - Hollywood
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

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