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Fish Grill Concept Invading Kal's Mediterranean Bistro in Old Town Pasadena

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Another Old Town Pasadena bistro closes, opening the door for newcomer Nikka Fish and Grill.

The 'round-and-'round continues in Old Town Pasadena, as it appears that Kal's Mediterranean Bistro is soon to be down for the count at its 43 E. Union location, having lasted less than two years.

The area, which has received a substantial boost since the arrival of Bruce Kalman's Union, has previously had trouble holding onto tenants. Prior to Kal's, there was Quadrupel, Siena, Greco's and Patakan Thai, which held its address for more than a decade.

New tenants appear to be ready to move in a seafood concept called Nikka Fish and Grill in the coming months. Whether or not they're related to this Santa Barbara quick-service spot of the same name is unclear, but guests can expect beer and wine alongside the inevitable grilled fish tacos in Old Town.

Nikka Fish and Grill
43 E. Union
Pasadena, CA 91103

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