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Cadet, A Dark French Rotisserie by Jeff Weinstein and Kris Tominaga Fires Up November 1

Kris Tominaga's first solo effort goes into the old Shack in Santa Monica, where the wood-fired grill is king.

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Cadet Santa Monica
Cadet Santa Monica
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Check out the menu at Cadet, the new wood-fire eatery from Jeff Weinstein (The Counter, Freddy Smalls) in the former Shack space in Santa Monica, opens November 1 with chef Kris Tominaga helming the kitchen's stoves. Remember that Charlie Parker was originally supposed to work here before he decamped to Northern California. This is Tominaga's first solo project since going separate ways from The Hart & The Hunter's Brian Dunsmoor.

Here at Cadet, find a wide rustic room with a wood-fired oven and grill at the heart of the restaurant. The fare derives much from the French countryside. Exactly what that means will probably be unclear for Santa Monica denizens, but expect dishes like oxtail and onion soup, wood-roasted octopus and turnips, grilled rabbit boulettes, grilled pork collar, and spatchcocked Mary's chicken. If you're wondering what spatchcocked means, it's just a fancy way of saying butterflied and finished on the grill. Check out the rest of the menu below.

2518 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA

Cadet Menu