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Ice Cream Lab's Second Outpost Starts Churning in Old Town Pasadena

The nitrogen ice cream specialist opens another store after debuting a few years ago in Beverly Hills.

Nitrogen ice cream is slowly starting to pick up in Los Angeles, with places like Creamistry and Ice Cream Lab leading the way. The stylish Beverly Hills brand is well on its way to taking over the city's desire for fresh-churned ice cream with this small outlet in Old Town Pasadena. Offering a trio of signature combos, as well as four base flavorings, customers can pick a size, then opt for a waffle bowl or milkshake.

Try the Banilla, made with banana and nilla wafers, or the cookies and a cream as a starter. Then watch as specialists churn the ice cream using super cold liquid nitrogen right before your eyes. The chainlet also has plans to open more stores in Westlake Village and Little Tokyo.

Ice Cream Lab
16 S. Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

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