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Ago Opening New Restaurant in Downtown's Emerson Buliding on Bunker Hill

Agostino Sciandri of West Hollywood's Ago is opening a second eatery in a new building Downtown.

Emerson Downtown LA
Emerson Downtown LA
Elizabeth Daniels
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Agostino Sciandri of Melrose Avenue's Ago is on the move eastward, this time inside the Emerson on top of Bunker Hill in Downtown. Related Development's new Emerson building will host 271 luxury apartments along with Sciandri's high end Italian eatery on the bottom floor.

Details on the concept are scheduled to be released tomorrow, but until then, get excited for a new eatery hitting an otherwise sleepy stretch of Grand Avenue. Things will also change once Eli Broad's museum and Timothy Hollingsworth's accompanying restaurant open up some time next year. No timeline at the moment for Ago's new place, though a 2015 debut is likely.