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Plan Check Follows Up With Fourth Outlet in Old Town Pasadena

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Looks like the acclaimed burger chain is on to the next one.

Plan Check Downtown
Plan Check Downtown
Elizabeth Daniels

Ketchup leather fans, rejoice. Soon after the recent opening of Plan Check Downtown comes the news that restaurateur Terry Heller and chef partner Ernesto Uchimura will be expanding his empire that includes outlets on Fairfax and Sawtelle all the way east to Pasadena. Although the exact location is not yet known, we do know that this fourth outpost will have an outdoor patio in the Old Town area on Colorado Blvd. It'll also have full liquor, like the first three spots.

This means lucky denizens of Pasadena will soon be able to enjoy the glorious pairing of a craft beer and burger in a sunny outdoor space. How could anything be better than that?