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Bigmista's BBQ Not Happening in Downtown LA, Opts For Long Beach Location

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The popular farmers market barbecue purveyor isn't opening its location in Historic Core, opting for a former bakery space in Long Beach.

Big Mista's Former Location in Downtown
Big Mista's Former Location in Downtown

Bigmista's, the popular farmer's market barbecue operation, is no longer opening behind the Medallion building in Downtown Los Angeles. The reason isn't clear, but LA Magazine reports that owner Neil Strawder "had an out" and took it. Perhaps the tucked away location, yards away from the street without any significant frontage, plus the construction snags, created enough frustration for the first-time brick & mortar.

Instead, Strawder and his wife are looking to fund a new location inside a former Italian bakery in Long Beach. Bigmista's is still looking to complete the round of funding here, with less than $5,000 remaining. Escrow is supposed to close on this location tomorrow, with the official name Bigmista's Barbecue & Sammich Shop. It's quite the loss for Downtown, and gain for Long Beach.

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