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More Details on Vespaio, Ago's Upcoming Bunker Hill Restaurant in Downtown

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Think of it as the Bunker Hill version of Bottega Louie.

Rendering of Vespaio, Downtown
Rendering of Vespaio, Downtown

Chef Agostino Sciandri is dubbing his new Downtown project Vespaio, with a massive 5,500 square feet space on the bottom floor of the Emerson building, which is getting built out by Related California (the West Coast subsidiary of Related). Slated to open in late 2014 (good luck with that), it'll be an all day eatery with breakfast through dinner, happy hour, weekend brunch, and all the other fixin's.

Inspired by Italian designer Gio Ponti, Vespaio's decor will meld sumptuous details like blue booths, cream-color tiles, and white marble. In addition to standard dining options, they'll have a take-out counter, bread, pastry, and cheese displays, rotisserie, and wood-burning oven. Think of it like a Bunker Hill verison of Bottega Louie.

The Emerson

225 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90012

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