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Long Beach's Beachwood Brewing Wins Brewpub of The Year at Great American Beer Fest

The popular Long Beach brewpub takes home the award for best large brewpub in the nation.

Beachwood BBQ Growler
Beachwood BBQ Growler
Four Brewers/Flickr
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Though Beachwood BBQ's beginnings in Seal Beach were more humble, their flagship brewpub in Long Beach has just been declared the best large brewpub and brewer of the year at the Great American Beer Festival, which takes places every year in Denver, Colorado.

Co-Owner Gabe Gordon took home a slew slew of medals for various beers, including gold for Beachwood's Mocha Machine coffee beer. Gordon, along with co-owner Julian Schrago, and assistant brewer Ian McCall were also instrumental in bringing the win home to Los Angeles. The competition had 5,500 entries and featured 1,300 breweries, making it premier craft beer festival in the county. Oddly enough, Beachwood BBQ won best mid-size brewery last year, a credit to their growing output.