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Is Melgard Public House on Melrose Avenue Closed For Good?

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The every day pub on Melrose is now closed. Some wonder if the newer, fresher Melrose Umbrella Co. next door is the reason everyone stopped going.

Melgard Public House
Melgard Public House

Melgard Public House, a purveyor of beer, booze, pizza, and other bar bites, hasn't seen much activity in the last few days. The nearly four-year old pub has been closed and shuttered even at peak dinner times, with their website defunct and a Twitter account that hasn't tweeted since January.

The last Yelp review wasn't actually too long ago, some time in late August, but things certainly cooled down over the last year. Was Melrose Umbrella Co, which has bites by Eric Greenspan and a much better cocktail program (plus amazing ambiance) to blame for this closure? The jury's still out.

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