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Orsa & Winston Launching Two-Day Yakitori Pop-Up Next Week, More!

The Downtown fine-dining restaurant is changing things up for two nights only with some Japanese grilled chicken skewers

Orsa & Winston, Downtown
Orsa & Winston, Downtown
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DOWNTOWN— Josef Centeno's Orsa & Winston, the fine dining component of his 4th and Main empire in Downtown, is throwing a little wrench into the operation come November 25 and 26. The place will turn temporarily into O&W Yakitori-Ya, an homage to the popular Japanese chicken skewers. Centeno is pulling out a binchotan, pouring up craft beers, and mixing shochu cocktails.

Order either six skewers for $32, which include miso-strone soup and pickled, or ten skewers for $42. One can also order a la carte from the full menu (which is copied below). In addition, two desserts from pastry chef Isa Fabro's prepping two desserts, one tiramisu shaved ice and a bombolini with chocolate dipping sauce. Call 213-687-7000 to book a table between 6 and 11 p.m. both days.

AROUND TOWN— Moon Juice has launched their juice trucks, appropriately called Moon Rovers, which can be tracked on their Twitter account. Hopefully you'll find one parked outside your house of office to save you a trip to one of the three locations.

PASADENA— Slater's 50/50 is bringing back their Thanksgiving burger this month, which is made with turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, sage mayonnaise, and brioche stuffing. Try it before the 15th and get a free voucher for December's burger of the month once that rolls around.

O&W Yakitori-Ya Menu:

chicken thigh & negi
persimmon & lardo
prosciutto & Asian pear
guanciale & chicken liver
kokoro (heart) & lardo
ume-brown-sugar delicata squash
meatball & shiso
yuzu chicken skin
toriniku (chicken breast) & Concord grape
ume-tomato & burrata
porcini & negi
Fairytale eggplant & bacon

Craft Beer:

Yoho Brewing Tokyo Black Porter (Nagano)
Schlenkerla Helles Lager (Bamburg)
Poppering's Hommel Bier (Belgium)
Tø Ol Nordic by Nature (Denmark)
BFM La Meule Swiss Golden Ale (Switzerland)
Yukidoke IPA (Gunma)
Mikkeller American Dream Pilsner

Orsa & Winston

122 4th Street, , CA 90013 (213) 687-0300 Visit Website