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Here's the Menu at Barrel & Ashes, Opening Tonight in Studio City

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The barbecue restaurant from two fine dining chefs shows where meats are from.

Inside Barrel & Ashes
Inside Barrel & Ashes
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If you've ever wondered about the provence of barbecue meat, you will soon know at Barrel & Ashes, the barbecue restaurant from Bill Chait, Timothy Hollingsworth (The French Laundry), Rory Hermann (Bouchon), and chef de cuisine Michael Kahikina. opening tonight in Studio City. In addition, Julian Cox is putting together the cocktails. The website is now up, showing a full menu of mostly Texas-style barbecue.

The brisket comes from Double R-Ranch, priced at $14 per half pound and $26 per pound, about twice as much as one might pay in Hill Country surrounding Austin, TX. But this is in Studio City, where things like pulled pork (from Salmon Creek Farms) and Mary's Free Range chicken are pulled out of the smoker instead of industrial grade stuff.

In addition, find things like salads, a burger, sandwiches (the Santa Maria tri-tip looks great), and "The Best Damn Chick'n Sandwich Ya Ever Had."  Big words coming a new restaurant, but with who's in the kitchen, it's hard not to think that it might actually be true. Will Barrel & Ashes live up to the hype? Find out this weekend when the doors open up.

Barrel & Ashes
11801 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604