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Cafecito Organico Bites the Dust in Eagle Rock

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The specialty coffee bar in a nondescript strip mall calls it quits.

Cafecito Organico, Eagle Rock, now closed
Cafecito Organico, Eagle Rock, now closed
Matthew Kang

As they say, location, location, location. Cafecito Organico just didn't last at its humble Eagle Rock shop because, well, maybe the nondescript strip mall just wasn't the kind of place that hipsters and college students were going to spend their hard-earned dollars.

As of about a month ago, the lone-standing hipster coffee bar in Eagle Rock (let's not count the enduring, and rather fun Swork) has vacated the space, leaving a rather prime location for anyone looking to open a quick-serve food or cafe concept in the mall. A chat with a nearby tenant revealed that the space is available for lease. Does anyone think they can make it on this stretch of Colorado Blvd? Cafecito Organico still maintains locations in Silver Lake, Malibu, Costa Mesa, and Anaheim, as well as farmers markets across L.A.

Cafecito Organico

1757 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

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