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Guppy House Joins 85 Degrees in Pasadena, Bull Demon Rosemead Grand Opens Thursday

Pasadena will receive the 11th Guppy House Taiwanese cafe shortly. Look for the monstrous mango shaved ice mountains.

Guppy House No. 1
Guppy House No. 1

1) Pasadena: Guppy House is coming to Pasadena in the same mixed use complex where 85 Degrees C has opened, and also where Bachi Burger also opened last month. Basically, every restaurant tenant at 61 S Fair Oaks Ave is an Asian concept. Perhaps there's something special in the building's water supply. This will be the 11th restaurantfrom the Taiwanese empire which originated in Cerritos, home of Cerritos Auto Square. 61 S Fair Oaks Ave

BDK Cafe

2) Rosemead: BDK Cafe is taking over Noodles King and will grand open thursday the 18th. The popular Taiwanese beef noodle soup chainlet "Bull Demon Cafe" is expanding once again. Noodles King's Hunan dry noodle dishes just did not gain traction despite being authentic. Bull Demon is most well known for its incendiary spicy noodle challenges ala Orochon, but beef noodle soup aficionados are best served by ordering medium spicy regular sized bowls. The restaurant will offer 10% discount during the first three days of operations. 8632 Valley Blvd

3) Hacienda Heights: New JJ has taken over Beijing Pie House, the successful Monterey Park "lamb pocket" shop whose second branch in Hacienda Heights lasted all of nine months. This location seems rather inauspicious though: Michelle's Pancakes lasted one year, it was then succeeded by Tai Fung which ran for only six months. Beijing Pie House took over February of 2014 and even it couldn't survive the second floor location.18558 East Gale Avenue

Encore Cafe

4) San Gabriel: Encore Cafe took over Cafe Nhac. The interior and modus operandi seems exactly the same, which is to say: this is a Vietnamese coffee shop where seniors smoke various iterations of Malboro and slowly sip on extremely concentrated coffee. 209 E Valley Blvd

5) San Gabriel: Per the ABC filing, Fuji West will be replaced by Hongsam Galbi, a presumably Korean BBQ restaurant helmed by Chinese and Korean partners. Fuji West, despite the exotic Burmese menu, lasted only a year. 927 E Las Tunas Dr. Ste J & K

Bull Demon King (牛魔王)

5953 Temple Blvd, Temple City, CA 91780 (626) 286-4788