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Josef Centeno Summarily Renames Ledlow Swan to Simply Ledlow

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The former Pete's Cafe is making like the P.Diddy of the restaurant world.

Elizabeth Daniels

In another surprise (yet this time more subtle) move, Josef Centeno changed the name again his newest eatery to Ledlow, after switching the moniker from Pete's Los Angeles to Ledlow Swan. When asked about the original move from Pete's, Centeno said that there was simply too much confusion from former Pete's Cafe customers. Pete's Cafe had stood on that corner for nearly a decade before Centeno came on as a chef and partner to revamp the space and give it a new menu.

Centeno also said the change to just Ledlow was "an evolution." So is Centeno's new place the P.Diddy or Snoop Lion of the restaurant world? The name's different, but the fare's still the same technique-driven American cuisine that Centeno executes so well. The chef says he's continually adding new dishes and changes others already on the menu. The important thing to take away is, Pete's is totally gone and Ledlow is here to stay.

Ledlow Swan

400 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 687-7015 Visit Website

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