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Josef Centeno Flips Orsa & Winston Into Two-Month Yakitori Pop-Up

The chef keeps shuffling things on Centeno Square by giving his tasting menu restaurant a break

Orsa & Winston Exterior
Orsa & Winston Exterior
Darin Dines
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Josef Centeno should know that the corner of 4th and Main is destined to become Centeno Square, what with four restaurants within a earshot of each other in Historic Core. And his highest concept place, Orsa & Winston, is turning into a casual yakitori shop for two months come January, reports S. Irene Virbila at the LA Times Daily Dish blog.

Though the place opened about a year ago serving relatively affordable tasting menus in a spartan space, Centeno is using the opportunity to take a break from the higher stakes involved with doing coursed dinners. In January and February, Centeno's staff will do the yakitori menu he recently unleashed for two days in November while he takes a trip to Japan for a week. He also blames the lack of ingredients available in those months. In March, Centeno will switch Orsa & Winston back to the tasting menu and super omakase format with 20 courses.