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Ricardo Zarate's Mo-Chica Slicing Its Last Ceviche This Saturday in Downtown

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The second restaurant in Zarate's former empire will cease operations this weekend.

Mo-Chica Downtown
Mo-Chica Downtown
Darin Dines
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Coming just off the heels of Paiche's impending closure at the end of this month, Ricardo Zarate's Mo-Chica will be closing by this Saturday, with no further reservations being accepted on Open Table beginning Sunday. Though Zarate had been ousted from his restaurants a few months ago, the places continued to chug along without the chef. No word yet on Picca's fate, though word on the street is that Zarate's Blue Tavern in Santa Barbara is also switching things up after the chef's departure.

Mo-Chica was Zarate's first concept in Los Angeles, located in Mercado La Paloma near USC before partnering with Stephane Bombet (Faith & Flower, Terrine) to open PiccaMo-Chica in Downtown, and Paiche. Since then, Bombet and Zarate parted ways, Zarate started working on a fast food rotisserie chicken concept (which seems to be DOA at this point), and Zarate was eventually ousted. For the most part, it's been radio silence from Zarate, who's only tweeted and Instagrammed once since the ordeal first broke on Eater.


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