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Beau Laughlin Taking Over Venice Stalwart Joe's Restaurant on Abbot Kinney

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The former Fifty Seven restaurateur has given up control of Cardiff Giant but replaces an Abbot Kinney institution

Joe's Restaurant, Venice
Joe's Restaurant, Venice
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Joe's Restaurant, founded by chef Joe Miller more than twenty years ago on Abbot Kinney, will soon come under the direction of Beau Laughlin, the former CEO at Cardiff Giant (Fifty Seven, The Churchill, The Hudson). It's a sudden turn of events for the Venice fine dining restaurant that had helmed the western end of Abbot Kinney for two decades, specializing in farmers market-driven tasting menus in a well appointed dining room and patio.

Beau Laughlin had recently parted ways from his restaurant group, Cardiff Giant. Laughlin's involvement with Joe's comes from an intent to purchase Joe's from a company named 1023 Group, LLC, whose address is listed at Cardiff Giant's Vine Street offices in Hollywood. In addition, it seems that the former Naya space in Silver Lake is still affiliated with the company, which implies that Laughlin isn't quite out of the L.A. restaurant game yet.

As for Joe's, it's unclear if and when it will close, though a call to the restaurant had no definitive answer. Any details? Hit the tipline or comments below.

Joe's Restaurant

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